VIP Membership Program

VIP members are entitled to VIP prices (at least 5% off non-VIP prices).
How to Become VIP?
VIP membership is granted to customers who make a single* purchase of HK$600 or more (excluding shipping fees) for their use in subsequent purchases.
When we process a qualifying purchase, we will upgrade the customer account to VIP. The upgraded account can make purchases at VIP prices thereafter. VIP members will see products marked at VIP prices after logging in to their upgraded accounts.
If a refund is made on a qualifying purchase, the VIP membership granted may be withdrawn.
Purchase records are based on the data within Jollieful’s system.
Jollieful reserves the following rights:

  • the right of final decision in the case where disputes arise;
  • the right to grant or refuse to grant VIP membership; and
  • the right to modify or cancel the VIP membership program at any time without prior notice.

* If your order reaches our 2 kg weight limit but is below HK$600, you may make a second order on the same day to accumulate HK$600 and then contact us to combine the two orders for VIP membership application purposes.

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